Season One

Ep. 101: Mexican Slayride, Part One

episode pictureThe A-Team takes on an assignment to locate a journalist who has been captured by bandits in a remote Mexican village.

Ep. 102: Mexican Slayride, Part Two

The A-Team travels down to Mexico to locate a journalist captured by bandits.

Ep. 103: Children of Jamestown

Hannibal and the A-Team rescue a young girl held captive by a violent religious cult.

Ep. 104: Pros and Cons

Hannibal and his men get together to break B.A.'s friend out of a southern jail, where prisoners are forced to fight to the death.

Ep. 105: A Small and Deadly War

The A-Team exposes a group of police officers who are making money as hired killers.

Ep. 106: Black Day at Bad Rock

The attempts of a vicious motorcycle gang to over-run and destroy a small western town in order to get their leader out of jail are thwarted by the A-Team.

Ep. 107: The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas

The mob places a reward of $100,000 for Hannibal's capture after he and the A-Team outwit organized crime chieftain Gianni Christian in a Las Vegas kidnapping.

Ep. 108: The Out-Of-Towners

The A-Team comes to the aid of a group of New York shopkeepers who are being harassed by neighborhood protection racketeers.

Ep. 109: Holiday In The Hills

The A-Team crash lands in the backwoods, where they battle a band of crazed mountain men who are about to burn a man at the stake.

Ep. 110: West Coast Turnaround

The A-Team helps a victimized farmer and his daughter deliver their produce to market, saving their farm from bankruptcy.

Ep. 111: One More Time

The A-Team rescues an Army General and his daughter from a band of guerilla terrorists.

Ep. 112: Till Death Do Us Part

The A-Team rescues a Texas heiress from an arranged marriage with her father's murderer.

Ep. 113: The Beast From The Belly Of The Boeing

Hannibal, Murdock, Face, and B.A. sneak aboard a 747 to rescue its passengers from hijackers.

Ep. 114: A Nice Place To Visit

A friend's funeral turns into a desperate fight for survival.


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